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Turning 60 - Now What?

I turned 60 this year. I had written a similar post ten years ago: Turning 50 - Now what? What has happened in the last ten years?

The last time I wrote:

I am married and have three children. All three children show interest in society and technology, and will likely find their way through life. Being a husband and father of three is a story on its own, meriting a separate blog post.

All three children are now adults. They show a strong interest in science and technology and have made this their profession. They earn their own money, and live their own lives, mostly with their partner, whom they have found along the way. I couldn't be more proud to see them succeed.

In 2016, I lost my father, see Arnold Klausmeier. Last year, my wife lost her father. So we are both now fatherless.

After a long and stressful project, which finished in 2019, I decided to reduce my workload to 60%. Since 2020, I only work on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I should have done this way earlier. Before that decision to reduce the workload, I struggled emotionally with this decision for quite some time, although rationally things were pretty clear.

I have lived in the same house and have driven the same car since ten years ago. I updated my various PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Advances in this technology are still breathtaking.

I traveled to Poland and Canada and visited France multiple times.

The CoVID pandemic didn't affect me personally, except that I had to postpone my planned trip to Montreal by three years. I worked from home before the pandemic and still do. Now working from home has become normal for many more people. In that respect, CoVID had acted as an accelerator for something that was ripe anyway.

According German mortality table, I have 21.5 years left to live. I can therefore write two more posts:

  1. Turning 70 - Now what?
  2. Turning 80 - Now what?