Music from Henryk Wieniawski

Henryk Wieniawski (10 July 1835 – 31 March 1880) was a Polish violinist and composer.

Music from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 05 December 1791) was a German composer. He composed more than 800 works.

Music from Igncy Feliks Dobrzynski

Ignacy Feliks Dobrzynski (15 February 1807 – 09 October 1867) was a Polish composer.

Music from Norbert Burgmüller

Norbert Burgmüller (08 February 1810 – 07 May 1836) was a German composer. He was a friend of Felix Mendelssohn.

Music from Louise Farrenc

Louise Farrenc (31 May 1804 – 15 September 1875) was a French composer and piano virtuoso.

Music from Jorge Morel

Jorge Morel (9 May 1931 – 10 February 2021) was an Argentinian composer and guitar virtuoso. His real name is Jorge Scibona.

Music from Jean-Philippe Rameau

Jean-Philippe Rameau (25 September 1683 – 12 September 1764) was a French composer.

Music from Adolf Fredrik Lindblad

Adolf Fredrik Lindblad (1 February 1801 – 23 August 1878) was a Swedish pianist and composer. He was a friend of Felix Mendelssohn.

Music from Friedrich Kuhlau

Friedrich Kuhlau (11 September 1786 – 12 March 1832) was a German pianist and composer. In his later life he acquired Danish citizenship.

Music from Roland Dyens

Roland Dyens (19 October 1955 – 29 October 2016) was a French composer and classical guitar player and teacher.

Music from Ferdinand Ries

Ferdinand Ries (28 November 1786 – 13 January 1838) was a German composer and pianist. He was a pupil, friend, and secretary of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Music from Eduard Franck

Eduard Franck (5 October 1817 – 1 December 1893) was a German composer and pianist. He was a pupil of Felix Mendelssohn.

Music from Antonio Cano and Jose Vinas

Antonio Cano (1811–1897) was a Spanish guitar player and teacher. José Viñas (27 September 1823 – 3 September 1888) was a Catalan guitar player, singer, and composer.

Music from Domenico Scarlatti

Domenico Scarlatti (26 October 1685 – 23 July 1757) was an Italian composer. His music was mostly cataloged by Ralph Kirkpatrick, and therefore Scarlatti music is mostly designated by Kirkpatrick's number starting with K.

Music played by Nemanja Bogunovic

Nemanja Bogunovic is a contemporary Serbian composer and guitarist.

Music from Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann (08-Jun-1810 – 29-Jul-1856) was a German composer and pianist.

Music from Philip Glass

Philip Morris Glass (born January 31, 1937) is an American composer and pianist.

Music played by Duo Siqueira Lima

Duo Siqueira Lima is a guitar duo formed by Uruguayan Cecília Siqueira (born 1982 in Paysandu) and Fernando de Lima from Minas Gerais (Brasil).

Music played by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Carlos Barbosa-Lima (17-Dec-1944 – 23-Feb-2022) was a Brazilian guitar virtuoso.

Music from Felix Mendelssohn - piano

Felix Mendelssohn (3 February 1809 – 4 November 1847) was an exceptionally gifted German composer, pianist and conductor. He wrote more than 750 works.