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I have OnePlus invites to give away

I can share 6 OnePlus invites for the next 5 days, i.e., up to Sunday, 23-Nov-2014. Device in question: One - 64 GB Sandstone Black.

If anyone is interested please comment below with your e-mail address and I will hand out the invite. I will not publish or use your e-mail address for anything else.


I own multiple OnePlus smartphones and I am quite happy with the devices, see my remarks in Review of the OnePlus One Smartphone.

Added 19-Nov-2014: I didn't expect these invites in such high demand. I have shared all my invites after less than an hour.

Added 21-Nov-2014: Three invites are still left, as some have not claimed their invites.

Added 22-Nov-2014: One invite is left.

Added 22-Nov-2014: All invites have been claimed.