International Space Station after undocking of STS-132

26th July 2015

Awesome picture from NASA.

PC overheating

23rd July 2015

When the CPU is not properly cooled down, then the PC crashes, see below video. The solution for this particular case: Upgrade the BIOS.

Lexware Financial Office Pro 2015 does not work with wine

22nd July 2015

Today I received a free copy of a student-version of Lexware Financial Office Pro 2015 including a license key. Lexware is a financial accounting software which is easy to use and quite well suited for small German enterprises. I installed wine 1.6.2 on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, which consumed almost…

Visiting GSI Helmholtz Centre in Darmstadt

12th July 2015

GSI Helmholtz Centre is a heavy ion research centre near Darmstadt. I visited this research facility on the 06-Jul-2015. It takes a couple of months to acquire a visiting day. Here are some impressions. I highly recommend the facility. Precious beam time is controlled here: Cabling: Combating…

Methods of Proof — Diagonalization

13th June 2015

Very clear presentation on the uncountability of the real numbers, and the halting problem. Further keywords: Cantor, natural numbers, real numbers, diagonalization, bijection, Turing halting problem, proof by contradiction. -- -- -- Quote -- -- -- A while back we featured a post about why learning…

Photograph from Space

12th June 2015

Awesome picture. Also see Photographs from Space by Karen L. Nyberg.

Commuting to Work with an E-Bike

27th May 2015

My current workplace in Frankfurt is 20 km from my home. In the past years I used the train to go there. Unfortunately the train became more and more unreliable. Sometimes the train had lots of delays, sometimes the train just didn't arrive, sometimes the train was heavily crowded, often the…

Hard-Disk and SSD Speed Comparisons

25th May 2015

I bought a new Mushkin SSD with 60 GB. These are the results with gnome-disk-utility. These are the benchmarks for the ADATA with 128 GB. Just for the records another speed test for a classical Seagate 1 TB hard disk drive, old but venerable. See also Hard-Disk and USB Drive Speed Comparisons.

Installing OxygenOS 1.0 on the OnePlus One Smartphone

24th May 2015

Some notes and sketches to install OxygenOS on the OnePlus One, plus some remarks on my experiences. Download twrp. Download OxygenOS from here. Unzip the file and check MD5 of with MD5 from web-page. $ cat oxygen_1.0.0_flashable.md5 2d79312774c44d2fa2bf5bb0c877d1b7 …

Speeding-Up Software Builds: Parallelizing Make and Compiler Cache

14th May 2015

1. Problem statement Compiling source code with a compiler usually employs the make command which keeps track of dependencies. Additionally GNU make can parallelize your build using the j-parameter. Often you also want a so called clean build, i.e., compile all source code files, just in case make…

Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 20.000 Views

23rd April 2015

This blog was viewed more than 20.000 times. As in this post, here are the numbers: The averages per day are: The development of visits is as below: Top posts (all time) are: Most visits come from US and Germany by a wide margin:

Classical editor in

18th April 2015

The new editor in is quite annoying. It is annoying because: list of categories do not show up edit area is smaller "copy a post" is missing "format" menu is now a drop-down Unfortunately there is no option to switch back and forth between the annoying and the…

Four Free Invites for the OnePlus One, #5

17th April 2015

I have four free invites to purchase a OnePlus One smartphone. Below are the codes: GLU4-W66Y-VALB-PEPS GLZK-QIZH-3GAL-QQYQ GLQ5-74SJ-EDCA-GH1K GLRW-XU8U-8MSB-GQ28 They expire within one day.

Two Free Invites for the OnePlus One, #4

9th April 2015

Two more invites: GL05-1RXC-BCFK-C3VN GLCF-1RUJ-ODEW-1YZW These are now expired.

Two Free Invites for the OnePlus One, #3

5th April 2015

I have again two free invites to purchase a OnePlus One smartphone. Below are the codes: GLFB-GQM2-ZDHX-2XJM GLQW-0J5G-URN3-ZPIC The last two invites were just claimed, and were not actually used. This is really a waste of these invites, as there are a lot of people who really would like to…

Malcolm Gladwell on the financial crisis

28th March 2015

Yet another excellent speech from Malcolm Gladwell given at High Point University, see This time on Financial crisis of 2007–08 Battle of Chancellorsville between General Lee and Joe Hooker during the American Civil War in 1863 Overconfidence and miscalibration, results from…

Malcolm Gladwell on the importance of stubbornness

22nd March 2015

A very interesting speech of Malcolm Gladwell on stubbornness in below YouTube video. Dead link. Video is here: Conference: Genius in 2012 He makes references to Linear B, i.e., historic greek symbols Michael Ventris, deciphering Linear B Andrew Wiles and his proof for Fermat's Last Theorem, no…

Importing Calendar Data to Google-Calendar

21st March 2015

Importing calendar data to Google is still troublesome for a number of reasons. What seems to work goes like this: Force-stop calendar app in your Android phone Clear all calendar data in your Android phone Shut down your Android phone Log-off from all other Google accounts Shut down your browser…

Two Free Invites for the OnePlus One, #2

20th March 2015

I have two free invites for the OnePlus One. Below are the links: GLYP-ATVO-YQ8K-D969 GLGQ-A0LM-I7RL-EKGB Please do not click on the links if you do not want to actually buy the phone, because the invites are then reserved and cannot be used by others. For a review of the phone see Review of the…

On Differential Forms

15th March 2015

Abstract. This article will give a very simple definition of \(k\)-forms or differential forms. It just requires basic knowledge about matrices and determinants. Furthermore a very simple proof will be given for the proposition that the double outer differentiation of \(k\)-forms vanishes. MSC…