The Cost of Installing wine

16th September 2014

German tax laws requires you to issue a tax declaration if you earn more than a certain threshold or own a company. To create this tax declaration you needed the so called Elster-Software which only runs under Microsoft Windows. Luckily there now seems to be a web-form for doing the same thing. The…

On Password Security and Cracking

14th September 2014

Six months ago Bruce Schneier posted an article on "Choosing Secure Passwords". Some of the key points are (mostly copied verbatim from mentioned post): The best way to explain how to choose a good password is to explain how they are broken. Password crackers do not brute force all 8…

Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 10.000 Views

10th September 2014

This blog was viewed more than ten-thousand times. As in this post, here are the numbers: The averages per day are: US and Germany are leading the visit-count. The development of visits is as below:

Turning 50 - Now What?

27th August 2014

I turned 50 this year. So what was up this half century of life? Half of my life I was educated in school and university. I traveled through a couple of western European countries, like Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, either privately or sent by my employer. I…

Google Chrome Became a Performance Hog

8th August 2014

I own a single-core laptop with 1 GB of memory. Google Chrome version 34 for Linux 64 bit (ArchLinux) is completely unusable on this machine. I own another single-core laptop with 512 MB of memory. Google Chrome version 12 for 32 bit (Ubuntu 10.04) works just fine on this machine. Both machines are…

Day 2, Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics

17th July 2014

Day 2 of the conference had below talks. Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügmann gave a short introduction. He pointed out that Jena is number 10 in Physics in Germany, has ca. 100.000 inhabitants, and 20.000 students. Dr. Karl Rupp, Vienna, Lessons Learned in Developing the Linear Algebra Library ViennaCL.…

Day 1, Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics

16th July 2014

As announced in Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics, July 2014, I attended this two-day conference in Jena, Germany. Below are speakers and pictures with my personal notes. Dipl.-Ing. Hans Pabst from Intel, Programming for the future: scaling forward with cores and vectors. …

HDMI Audio on Intel NUC

12th July 2014

I struggled somewhat in getting audio via HDMI on Intel NUC. The following commands in .xsession solved the problem for me: /usr/bin/pulseaudio -D echo set-default-sink 0 | /usr/bin/pacmd exec /usr/bin/firefox The trick is to set the default sink in pulseaudio. I use Firefox on the NUC because…

No Perl and PHP on Mainframe from IBM

10th July 2014

IBM no longer provides Perl for its mainframe machines, see Software withdrawal: Selected IBM System z platform products (a copy is here: IBM-Withdrawal-ENUS913-252. It looks like they have not heard that Perl is the duct tape that holds the internet together. Similarly IBM withdraw PHP from their…

Creating User Account With Empty Password on Linux

7th July 2014

Assume you want to set-up a user-account which can only log-in to your machine if he sits in front of it and has to give no password. Let's name this user kiosk. Unfortunately there is apparently no single command-line switch to accomplish this with useradd. The task at hand is not be confused with…

Splitting Large Files on Microsoft Windows

5th July 2014

After finishing my ABAP programming course I wanted to upload the Netweaver-trial software to Telekom media-center. Telekom media-center allows you to store up to 25 GB of data in the cloud. That's more storage than offered by many USB sticks. Netweaver-trial software is about 3.5 GB, and…

Microsoft Brought Down With Federal Court Order

1st July 2014

Microsoft brought down and many other domains with a court order. Here is the text from No-IP’s Formal Statement on Microsoft Takedown: We want to update all our loyal customers about the service outages that many of you are experiencing today. It is not a technical issue. This morning,…

7-Day Week, 6-Day Week, 5-Day Week, Soviet Calendar

28th June 2014

In the year 2010 I read Martin Varsavsky's blog entry on The 6 Day Week by Carlos Varsavsky. In this post Martin Varsavsky states his father, born in 1933, proposed the 6-day week, i.e., work 4 days and rest 2 days. To cope for the reduced productivity, it is proposed to interleave the 6-day week…

Facebook Was Down on 19-Jun-2014

19th June 2014

Something you don't see that often: Facebook was down today, see start page below. Now Facebook is up again. It reminds me of the monkey web-page from Google/YouTube.

Setting-Up LUKS/dm-crypt for External USB-Drive

1st June 2014

The following commands are used to encrypt the whole USB hard-drive. This hard-drive is assumed to be on /dev/sdc. Create one partition. One can use gparted for this. Then cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/sdc1 luksFormat is only used once. To make this encrypted drive available as device on /dev/mapper…

Installing Missing Debian Packages for Google Chrome

30th May 2014

This is how I install Google Chrome, as I do not like Google to add automatic cron-jobs. I unpack the Debian package. mkdir T cd T dpkg -x ../google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb.140525 . Switch to root. mv ~User/Download/T/opt/google /opt chown -R bin:bin /opt/google mkdir…

Patching Faulty EDID Information

15th May 2014

Some computer monitors either do not provide correct EDID, or no EDID at all. An example monitor is LG E2340T. In this case you can provide a hand-crafted EDID file in xorg.conf. For setting the correct screen resolution in the EDID file you can either use a hex-editor, or use below short C…

Simple Exercises for a C Programming Language Course

10th May 2014

I sometimes teach a C programming language course. I use the following simple exercises for the students to solve on their own. Most solutions are no longer than 10-20 lines of C code. Exercising simple loop and printf(): Print a table of square root values for arguments 1 to 30. Exercising…

Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 5.000 Views

7th May 2014

In three earlier posts I showed the development of this blog. Statistics of this Blog: 2.600 Views, 78 Countries, 20 Comments, February 2014 Statistics of this Blog: 1.000 Views, 60 Countries, 10 Likes, October 2013 My Blog Statistics by Country, September 2013 Today I can announce that I crossed…

Announcement: Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics, July 2014

3rd May 2014

This workshop is planned for 14-15 July 2014 in Jena, Germany. The workshop is organized by Bernd Brügmann (University Jena), Xing Cai (Simula and University Oslo), Gundolf Haase (University Graz), and Gerhard Zumbusch (Chair, University Jena). The last workshop from 2011 had two high-profile…