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SSD Speed on Dell XPS 13 9350 with Samsung EVO 970 Plus

In continuation of blog-post SSD Speed on Dell XPS 13 9350, here are performance measurements for a Samsung EVO 970 Plus in Dell XPS 13.

Caveat from Dell xps 13 9350 and Samsung 970 evo M.2 nvme Compatability?:

However, be aware that although the XPS 13 9350 uses a PCIe x4 configuration for its NVMe interface, the lanes are run in power saving mode, not max performance mode, and this cannot be changed by the user. 4 lanes in power saving mode is roughly equivalent to 2 lanes in max performance mode, so the result is that your sequential read and write speeds will max out at 1.8 GB/s, even though the 970 Evo can do much more than that.

Installing the new Samsung EVO 970 Plus.

Mounted in laptop:

Read speed of unencrypted disk:

Once again read speed, this with a LUKS encrypted disk: