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Performance Remarks on PublicoMag Website

Publico is a German political magazine published by Alexander Wendt. The website is using WordPress and hosted on Cloudflare. Webserver is NGINX.

Below is an analysis conducted via pingdom.com. Page in question is Inspiration als Energiequelle: Neues vom grünen Hauptmann von Köpenick.

It clearly shows the following things, which can be optimized:

  1. Very large page size.
  2. High number of requests, although the magazine contains lots of images.
  3. JavaScript resources are not compressed via Brotli or gzip, while HTML is compressed.
  4. Quite high volume of JavaScript, whose utility is questionable.
  5. Lots of webfonts loaded, contributing more than 10% of the entire page size.
  6. Lots of CSS loaded making almost 10% of the entire website.

While some of above pitfalls are somewhat ameliated by local caching in the user's browser, the rather large page size and its many JavaScript files put a burden on the website.

Load time is acceptable in Frankfurt, though, clearly it could be way better.

Below waterfall diagram in Google Chrome shows, where time is spent, same page as above.

Again, CSS loading is on the critical path, so are webfonts.

Looking at the waterfall diagram many remedies are simple:

  1. Configure NGINX to also compress JavaScript.
  2. Possibly replace webfonts with system-fonts.
  3. Dispose JavaScript entirely. For example, Google analytics can be replaces with Minimal Google Analytics Snippet.
  4. Possibly switching to a static site generator like Simplified Saaze.
  5. Change jpg images to webp images.