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Member of 1MB club

I am now a member of the 1MB club. The members must have websites with size below 1 MB. This new membership is not surprising as I am already a member of the two clubs:

  1. Member of 512KB club
  2. Member of 250KB club

This 1MB club has 781 members as of today.

Becoming member there is by using:

git init
echo "---\npageurl: eklausmeier.goip.de\nsize: 133.1\n---\n" > eklausmeier.goip.de.md
git format-patch -1

The resulting file is then sent via e-mail to patches@btxx.org.

A renewed check of my blog on https://tools.pingdom.com shows:

  1. Performance grade: 93
  2. Page size: 102.5 KB
  3. Load time: 220ms from Frankfurt
  4. Requests: 7

Content and requests by content type:

Waterfall diagram: